Origa (origa) wrote in afreelansing,

Two free kittens in Lansing :)

We have two wonderful kittens, Prosha and Timosha. They are brothers. We can't keep the any longer. They are neutered, up to date on their shots, and of course fully litter trained. On May 4th, they turned 11 months. They are very kind and tender guys. They love to play together or with people, and are very friendly to our other cat who is quite old. Never scratch or bite people/kids, and let kids play with them however they want. As you can see on the pictures, one of them is more like "What's out there?" -- an adventure type, and the other is rather shy and calm. They are good mice hunters, too -- they already cought a mouse once! A great home companionship -- they are definitely "lap-top" cats, as well as will make a nice "barn cats" on a farm :)

We would be happy to find a good home for them. Otherwise, we will have to take them to a shelter... If you are interested, please email me at origahaiku@yahoo.com , or just respond here.



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