dinosaurface (dinosaurface) wrote in afreelansing,

Gold's Gym Membership *make an offer**

is anyone interested in buying a membership to Golds Gym? It's newly renovated, and it's really nice. It's open 24 hours most days, and it's right near MSU's campus. It's 20 dollars a month...

i owe 300 dollars on it, and it's good until July of 2007. I'm not sure if you'd have to pay it all up front, or if you could just switch it from my checking account to yours. I could find out first thing tomorrow.

I used it at first, but i'm a waitress, and when i get home, I'm really not in the mood to work out... and I feel like it's going to waste. If anyone is interested, reply, or email me at jkitley@gmail.com for more information! Thanks!
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